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Friday, January 14, 2011

# 59 Pinks!

Look at the colours of these leaves! Saw them shining in the sun so had to jump in and do a 20 min challenge! There is something really thrilling about finishing a quick sketch in 20 mins! I now have my sketch book and some paints with me all the time! There are no dark shadow areas in this picture, as the sun was shining directly on them, that bits were almost white! I am also trying to catch lights in my pictures!


Elva Paulson said...

Lovely fresh color. You are learning so much from working quickly. .... and I will keep coming back to this challenge, even though I've finished. I'll be watching your continued progress!

Kelly said...

...love the spontaneity and bright colors. It has such a happy and flowing feel to it.

Elizabeth Smith said...

The colors, light, and shapes are wonderful - what energy!