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Friday, January 28, 2011

# 65 and 66: more from our day on the river

Continuing on paintings from our day out on the river! This is a quick sketch, just washes and the lines defined with a pen. This was done in my sketch book, which has a rough textured paper which made using a pen difficult. Not sure what this bird is called, but it was sitting happily on these bits of twigs and leaves, and floating on the river....It obviously had enough confidence in itself, as it didn't even stir as the ferry approached it, just waited for us to pass, hopped around a bit and then settled down again!
This next one is a view of an old Mosque, only this bit was visible from the boat, and it made a lovely picture. with all the many greens of the trees, and the top of the Mosque peeping out. We are still having winter weather in Kolkata, so although it was a clear bright day, the sun was not too hot, but bright enough to make the mosque glow and gleam.


Elva Paulson said...

Your bird might be a cormorant. They fish underwater and come out and sit to dry off.

Wonderful travel sketches!

Brinda said...

Thanks Elva! It was so cheeky, it caught my attention!