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Sunday, January 9, 2011

# 58 Please critique!

These are the clump of leaves that inspired me on my walk the other day! Its a bush I believe, but most of the leaves have fallen off. I am getting a lot more confident in being able to be take risks with colour and technique. I am using a wet on wet style a lot more now, and being able to mix colours on the paper itself, which is really exciting as one sees the colour mingle creating its own form. I find I now prefer to do the background first and have been painting  it in this way, and then doing the main subject.
I would like your comments on this picture, please....Thanks in advance!


Roy said...

Hi Brinda,

I am a novice so dont take much notice of me, but I think the top half of the painting is perfect. In respect of the bottom half I would have expected to see the greens and browns a little darker as this is where the shadows and less light would be. I love the way you have done the leaves.

Elva Paulson said...

Hi Brinda, I think the color and shape of the leaves are well done, both in the top and the bottom of the painting ... but there does seem to be a seperation between the top and the bottom. Sometimes we need to use a little artistic liscense and add what the painting needs rather than just painting what we are seeing. .... just a thought. Someone else might disagree with me.

Kelly said...

Hi Brinda...I'm not the best at offering advice because I usually love everything I see. When I first saw the painting I loved it as is...I see it all, but after reading Elva and Roy's ideas, they sound spot on.

Brinda said...

Thanks so much for the comments. I do totally agree. Will work on the picture a little more and post it for comments!