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Saturday, February 5, 2011

# 70 Lights and darks

I was out on my usual evening walk....It was dusk and the sky was a pale pinkish blue with a little yellow. I looked up to see this wonderful tree silhouetted against the sky, the branches almost black and the pale evening sky enhancing the darkness of the branches, the few leaves that were on it pale grey shadows. It was so striking, that I have been wanting to recreate the picture....Artistic licence in my picture as I visulised what it would look like in an open air setting....somewhere it was not surrounded by buildings! This is the first time I have actually painted a picture from my mind and the feeling to recreate something I saw! This is the result!


Kelly said...

Beautiful, Brinda! I love the composition too...

Meowlissa said...

I absolutely adore this! I've been dying to paint my own tree goodness for my living room wall :) Just love it!