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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Claire returning to the Challenge - Painting #1

Hi, I'm Claire.  I started the challenge in January 2010 and managed to post 31 paintings during the year, but life overwhelmed me about mid-year 2010 with family responsibilities so I backed out for awhile. It is now a new year and things have settled down so it feels like the right time to rejoin the Challenge for 2011. Being a new year I've decided to restart my painting counter at 1. 

What really speaks to my heart about painting is working in a journal (maybe about 5x7 or 5x8 size) and mixing images with casual text. I want to record small events (or even exciting things) in my life and I really enjoy capturing family memories. Many of my favorite pages are related in one way or another to my family.  I've even designed a series of beer labels for my oldest son in my sketchbook - and have an open order for 4 more! So 'what' I paint can really vary.

This painting is from November 2010. I chose this painting to post for my re-entry to this blog because it is one of my more recent personal pieces - not done for a class or for anyone else -- just for myself. The text describes part of my day and my reflections on the time change last fall. I literally just sat down at the kitchen table and started sketching/painting and writing about my day and what I saw before me. It was sort of a magical or zen like state (not at all my normal frame of mind). I hope to do more of this type of journaling in 2011 and hit my #100 before the end of the year. 
<<< Goal #1:  more painting/journaling. >>>

The past few years I've adopted a focus word for the year and I've found it to be very interesting. My focus phrase for 2011 is 'Color my world' (and you can read more about it here). 
<<< Goal #2: put more color in my life - play with more colors in my paintings. >>>

One area that I would like to focus on for 2011 in painting is people. Yes.... they intimidate me - it is hard to do them. I'd like to explore them both from sketching and then painting as well as paint only (oh that sounds scary!).
<<< Goal #3:  put more people into my paintings/pages. >>>

A "treat goal" in 2011 is to do some travel sketching. Many times in the past I've taken a trip with art supplies in tow.... but returned home without sketching even a page. I have an upcoming trip to Denmark and Ireland and I am determined to do some sketching in my journal. 
<<< Goal #4: 
as Nike says ... "Just do it!!" >>> 

A bonus for the year ... is that I'm super excited to see what you will all be painting!


Mermaid's Palette said...

I love your journal page! I agree with the scariness of painting people and also want to get over it! Am looking forward to seeing more of your work!

Kelly said...

Claire, I enlarged the painting so I could read the journal page...what a perfect moment (or hour)...and the way you recorded it is so inspiring. I love when I experience those special moments. I always think I'll be able to remember how I was feeling forever and draw on the feeling, but usually...I forget and go on to the next "hour." I'd like to capture a few "life" moments like you did too. I capture lots of bird moments, but not to many others! The painting is beautiful too...