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Monday, February 7, 2011

Broken Shell #2

Broken Shell (c)2011 8x10 Watercolor
Keeping to the commitment to paint 100 paintings was daunting. However, if I hadn't found out that I could start and finish a work in twenty minutes I would have been in deep trouble! Twenty minutes works!

Being prepared helps, too. Having still life items and art supplies available seems to be key. I can go to my stash of items, rearrange them in a way that pleases me and go at it. I am trying to keep the water down while using these watercolors so I can finish in the time I have allotted for painting.

I think I'm getting the hang of it.


Kelly said...

nice shading...an in only twenty minutes! Lovely...

Mermaid's Palette said...

Nice, Dora- and I especially do like the depth of your shadows!

dora said...

Thank you Kelly and Sheryl! I'm trying to keep twenty minutes working for me!

Claire M said...

Very nice paintings especially considering the tight amount of time.

dora said...

Thanks Claire! I found that if I spend too much time I ruin my work so 20 minutes has been helpful.