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Monday, February 14, 2011

# 75 Apples

Gosh! I cant believe I've reached 75 pictures already!!! 
I bought these wonderful red apples the other day and put a few on a pottery plate and it made a lovely picture. I decided to paint it for a 20 min. challenge! I didn't have time to finish the background, so sort of left it a bit vague. I enjoy the 20 min. challenge as it helps me focus on whats important and essential in a picture and this often results in a good picture. It also suits my style as I seem to want to paint quickly, and like impressions more than detail! The paper was also a good one, 300gsm, and so i was able to paint a wet picture, without the paper buckling!


dora said...

Came out great. You and I are thinking the same things, Brinda!

Mermaid's Palette said...

I like your apples, Brinda- Quick painting isn't my style, so I am impressed!

Kelly said...

...lovely, Brinda. Fun how you and Dora posted apples at the same time.