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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kelly - Painting 16

While I continue to work on another watercolor of a Hooded Warbler, I interrupted the action...for some different action. This is an oil pastel of the watercolor I'm working on now. I wanted to test out the bird's posture and do some scribbling (and oil pastels are so good for scribbling), so I quickly sketched him out on 12x16 watercolor paper for practice. If he looks vaguely familiar, I did a similar piece in the challenge last year (painting 84). This guy will work as a companion piece to that painting. (This scan is a little brighter than the original...in reality the colors look like those in painting 84.)


Lorrie Klosterman said...

Yay, Kelly, I'm really enjoying your bird art. The colors are so uplifting and I feel like that bird just flitted onto a branch right here. Give us more!

dora said...

I love your use of color and the brush strokes in this painting. Very energetic feel!

Kelly said...

...thanks, Lorrie...you'll see a lot more birds from me! :-)

Thank you, Dora...seeing all that green really felt good. I'm tired of the gray winter...it will be over soon enough, until then, bring on the energy of green in the paintings!