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Friday, May 20, 2011

# 100 Grinning!

100 it is and the challenge is over!!!! Its been an amazing experience for me, so much learning and such a feeling of achievement at having done 100 pictures, a little sad also that its finally over! Its the first time I have painted a portrait and it seems a fitting picture to finish this challenge with and contemplate the next.....water colour portraits maybe!!!!!!
I was looking through a magazine and came across a picture of this little African girl and was touched with her smile. It reminded me of the grand daughter of the lady I stayed with in Jamaica during one of my work trips so many years ago. She was always grinning, in and out of my room and fascinated that my hair was straight!!!! So I decided to paint the picture.   I wasn't thinking too much as I painted, just kept the feeling alive. I see how crucial memories are to the success of a painting. if you don't get a strong feeling for the subject, the painting will possibly never come alive, no matter how skilled you are as a painter! Certainly a lesson learnt while working on the 100 paintings.....So a BIG Thanks!


Laure Ferlita said...

Congrats, Brinda, and what a beautiful finale! She's precious!

Brinda said...

Thanks Laure! I have loved this challenge!

Teri C said...

CONGRATULATIONS BRINDA!!!!!! It has been so wonderful to see your growth through the 100 and this portrait is the crown for sure. Just fabulous!

I know the feeling of 'now what' but it all comes together.

I agree about having a strong feeling for a subject, you can't help but succeed.

Lorrie Klosterman said...

Waaa, we're going to miss you Brinda! This finale is endearing and I am smiling in response--you captured that delight and life in a light and fluid way. Loving the colors in hair, and the beads, too.
Blessings on your journey, and please come "visit" us often!!
Hugs from across the ocean, Lorrie

Dora said...

Congratulations Brinda!!! What a wonderful painting to end your challenge. Maybe portraits is the next challenge? Good luck!

Kelly said...

...congrats, Brinda! A beautiful painting to end your challenge!

MEliz said...

Congratulations! I will miss seeing the exotic views of life on your side and your comments. I appreciate your comments in your final interview, It prompted me to leave my phone inside and be present to paint. Thank you.
Your portrait is so sweet, full of personality.
All the best to you!