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Sunday, May 1, 2011

#5 Kristin, Shells

5 x 8.5", mixed media on canson paper
(c) 2011, klink

Here is another quick one from the sketchbook. I was tired of watching the snow melt from under the trees so decided to paint a handful of shells from the window sill. I used gouache and water-soluble pen to quickly build up the values.


Kelly said...

I've never used gouache but want to learn some day. I need to buy some of the paints and just do it! :-) I love the very subtle pinks and teals showing in the shells. It gives them that reflective look. Cool!

Matteo Grilli said...

Very nice!

IrinaSztukowski said...

Gorgeous shells Kristin, very lovely work of art. I just feel the cold day at the beach. Wonderful!

Mermaid's Palette said...

These are really nice, Kristin! I love painting shells. You did a good job and the shadows are just right!

Kristin said...

Yes Sheryl I kept seeing your sunny beach scenes while looking out the window at snow, and got inspired to look at something more summery!

Also Kelly, I love using gouache in addition to watercolors, when sometimes you want something a little more opaque. White gouache is a really fun tool to have around, especially when working on colored canson paper. I use it all the time also to add highlights to watercolor paintings.

MEliz said...

There is quite a range of values and nice subtle colors in the reflections.