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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kelly - Painting 42

(Oil pastel, 9x12)

...the second in the trillium series, Trillium sessile.
I'm knew to using Sennelier oil pastels. Does anyone know how long it takes them to dry?


Mermaid's Palette said...

Kelly- wow this is vibrant! I do not know about these pastels. With oil paints, some colors (white especially) seem to take forever to dry!
Good work!

MEliz said...

By dry do you mean not oily? The ones I did last year still have a sticky waxy feel. The ones we painted over with poster paints, (for a resist look) are drier feeling. Beautiful bold colors and an interesting coposition. Our trillium has not bloomed yet, but now I am inspired to paint them in the woods. Thanks!

Kelly said...

Liz...these are "wetter" than just the sticky feel...they are still spreadable and creamy. I just wondered if that ever goes away and they harden completely.