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Friday, May 27, 2011

Liz #21 oil pastel on canvas board, 11x14 'Driveway"

I just came back from helping my daughter move from western NY to WV after her graduation. It was like going through a seasonal time tunnel to return to rainy Maine after all that green. I set out to capture that spot of emerging spring green with the velvety new oil pastels I picked up. I thought I would try a canvas board , and a bit of medium so I could paint. Not a winning combo, too much texture and the pastels did not blend like paint.


Kelly said...

I like it...especially the color on the left side...and the texture showing through in the strokes. I've been using super slick oil pastel paper with my oil pastels and that really emphasizes the creaminess of the pastels. I am a mess when I finish painting with them, though, because I use my fingers...and wood sticks...and smudge sticks to blend. It's fun but messy! :-)

MEliz said...

Thanks Kelly, I will try a slicker surface. This felt like the more layers I put on,the more color it lifted.

Claire M said...

Love the blossoms!