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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kelly - Painting 43

(Oil pastel, 9x12)

...the third (and last) in the trillium series, Trillium flexipes. The blossom on this plant is interesting because the petals curve back over the sepals. To show this, I painted the flower from behind.


Laure Ferlita said...

Group hug!!! :•)

Kristin said...

Yes:) I love this view, as with your whole trillium series. The flower compositions break the picture plane, and become so up-close, personal, and vibrant.

cindyzlogic said...

Glorious work, Kelly!!!

MEliz said...

Beautiful, vibrant blues throughout.

MEliz said...

I went for a walk the other day and saw some trillium -made me think of this painting so I'm revisiting it . It captures the delicacy and the colors so well.