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Friday, May 27, 2011

Lorrie #19 - Beach Oddities

Beach Oddities, sea-watercolor, 6 x 9 inches
These are some things that got my attention on a recent stroll at the coast. They were painted ("sketched" in a travel book) on site in lots of wind! But it was exciting. It was a thrill to discover that the Sharpie pen that had washed ashore still could make some form of mark.


reanaclaire said...

You painted these? So creative..
by the way, I am Claire, coming by via Betsy's blog..

MEliz said...

It is nice to be part of your beach walk, I love the subtle colors you use.

Kelly said...

...cool! Love that you were able to squeeze a little more life out of the Sharpie! My fav is the snake. Your notes indicate it was a "rubber" snake, but it looks as real as can be in your painting!

Lorrie Klosterman said...

Hey Liz, the snake was real indeed. One doesn't offen get to see that species (Rubber Boa) because they are slow and secretive, but I glimpsed the tail end of it sliding off the path as I approached. I know they are docile so I lifted it out of the tall grasses to get a better look. It is very smooth-scaled snake with just a hint of pink under the tail tip.
Say, does this painting look like I did it on yellow paper? I am just now viewing it on a friend's computer, and boy the colors are off! Thanks, Lorrie

Claire M said...

What a fun collection of beach treasures. Interesting to hear about the Sharpie that you found.