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Thursday, September 1, 2011

# 3 Resting!

This picture tells its own story...A young woman in a village, taking a breather in between her daily household chores, possibly filling water from a nearby well! The original is an oil painting! I enjoyed creating it in watercolour!


Claire M said...

Very nice. The expression on her face is very sweet!

Lorrie Klosterman said...

Brinda!! I was out of town when you began the challenge again. I'm so happy to hear this -- I missed you! Your intention for this next round, focusing on people, is really exciting. (One of my intentions is to work on people, too, but I have barely begun!) All of your posts have been that lovely combination of realistic and water-colory impressionistic. I'm looking forward to your explorations of the human form!

Elva Paulson said...

Your lady is beautifully done. You have grown so much in the past many months!

Brinda said...

Thanks Claire. Lorrie I am hoping to get this challenge through in the year! Just begun. Elva, thanks. I follow your blog regularly!