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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

#34 Watercolor Still Life

 # 34 Peppers on a Platter (c)2011 DST 11x16 Watercolor
I know it looks undone, but that's how it's going to stay. Color and shape heavy on the upper right corner, open, white and empty on this lower left. I am done. I had a small window of time and I used it to my advantage. No pencil drawing, just going in with paint, sketching the details with as little water as possible to keep going. Not a twenty minute work, but close enough. Some areas needed drying time. It is done.


MEliz said...

The blues in the lower right are so pretty. All your previous drawing certainly has paid off . You nailed the drawing without a pencil. It is done... beautifully.

Dora said...

Finding that if I start with the pencil drawing it takes time away from the actual painting part, which is what I'm always impatient to get to.

Lorrie Klosterman said...

Love those colors!