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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Liz # 57-59 oil on 12x 12 panel, Acadia N Park

#57 Eagle Lake boat landing the pink granite goes into the lake, so there is a beautiful salmony color that I tried to capture with the reflections and the shadow colors, this was just over an hour , and then the sun was too bright.

#58 Back over to Thompson Island picnic area, finally did some drawings of the rocks and feel like they sit in the foreground. There is bright orange seaweed that is exposed at lowtide that I can not resist painting, even if it makes the distance challenging.

# 59 This one is only 6x6 and I used linseed oil, no OMS, no turp so it was diffiicult to photograph. I had to work quickly with the sun setting and the tide coming in. It is on the Shorepath in Bar Harbor, a steady stream of people walking. This kept me focused on value and limited palette so I could work faster. There were orange highlights on the rocks which did not work so I will go back and do some value drawings.


Claire M said...

Very nice. My favorite is the first with the reflections in the water.

MEliz said...

Thank you Claire, it was such a gorgeous spot, hard to choose what to paint.