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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lorrie #46 - Wolfkind

Wolfkind, watercolor 16 x 20 inches
Finally getting back to posting! I've been working on some larger pieces with a tight deadline, which is why I've been scarce on this site for a few weeks. This is one of those pieces. It's now in a cafe/restaurant (Yali's on U.C. Berkeley campus) and is for sale -- hence the "copyright" across the photo posted here. This was done plein aire on site -- no, just kidding! But I would love to see a wolf in person and have it stand there for a few hours in a nice pose!! In truth, it's a compilation from a half dozen reference photos.

1 comment:

Claire M said...

This is incredible - you have really captured the effect of the multi-colored fur, and the eyes really stand out. Great image!