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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Liz Cutler, #'s 53-56

Four more 12x12 panels, more beautiful places on Mount Desert Island, more unbelievable weather. The patterns and colors of these shadows changed quickly. I was quite a challenge. I am thinking I should remove the left shadow and amke it read road.

Same road, tried to capture the sunlight on the birches.

Back to Thompson Island, I included the buildings across the water and used lots of oil. Painting more wet into wet.

I set up close to the same spot as # 51 but working more wet into wet without a prepatory sketch. It was difficult to sort out the values -Lesson learned.


Kristin said...

Nice set of four more square landscapes. I like the way you captured the sunlight on the birches. I agree that there is something not working for me about the shadows on the first one. I think though it is the strong horizontal lines. Maybe this was cast by the stones making the road, but they seem so deep and strong. I do like the purple color though.

Kelly said...

...deep and cool shadows on the first. I like the feeling of solitude you've created. Also...love the light in the birches...