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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bobcats #28 and #29

#28: An old memory of mine, a bobcat in my headlights -- my first bobcat sighting. I painted him for my most recent blog post. Painted on Strathmore's 140# coldpress 400 Series watercolor paper. My first attempt wasn't dark enough so I added another wash and was pleased how well I could control the paint.
#29a: Ouch! I was definitly in experimental mode. This is done on Ampersand's 'clayboard' -"the ultimate multi-media panel." The back looks like masonite and the surface is an ultrasmooth white and coated with a hard clay. I have had very little experience with it. I think I should have quit at this point, but I couldn't resist testing its scratchboard qualities and seeing how scratching worked with grey tones.
29b: I'm excited about the possibilites of clayboard, but feel I ended up making a mess of this try. I've mixed nit-picking detail with loosey goosey.

I found the clay tougher than the scratchboard I'm used to which made it harder to work with. But I did like how much clay is on the surface. I have to be careful not to scratch too deep on my regular scratchboard, but this seemed to have a thick enough coating.


Camille said...

Elva, I like the mix of hard lines, lost edges and soft background. It is interesting and the contrast is nice. I think they really draw you in...nice.

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh, Elva. I am so in love with the first painting. I love night paintings, and you caught that night look really well.

I know nothing about clayboard. I like what you did...it looks fab (even if you don't think so, you caught a moment in time really well. I need to research clapboard to see what it's all about.

Claire M said...

always fun to see what you are up to!