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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Claire painting 6: Tulips for a winter day

Its been a very cold winter here in California, with very little rain to speak of. I'm used to green hills this time of year, but without the rain we're left with unexciting brown hills. When I saw these beautiful tulips in the grocery store, they really caught my attention. I decided to treat myself and mom to bouquets of the tulips to brighten the cold winter days. My idea sure worked for me - the tulips brought warmth like sunshine on a bitter cold day. I also had fun sketching and painting the crystal vase that my parents gave me years ago.


Kelly said...

It's lovely, Claire. I like the reflected colors in the crystal, as well as the flowers. (I'd be glad to send you some of our rain!)

Elva Paulson said...

Your tulips are beautifully painted. Makes me want to rush out and get some.

Brinda said...

It is beautiful Claire! The tulips look so real!I can see how they warmed a cold day.