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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

#006 Ruby-crowned Kinglet

I did this technique once before and I rather like it …. But I doubt it meets archival standards. No matter, I painted it for my enjoyment and as a learning tool.

I photographed the kinglet last Friday, and then drew it in my journal, using the photo as reference. It turned out better than I expected so then I was in a fuss because it was on my crappy journal paper. I then scanned the drawing out of the journal and printed it on 80# Aquarius (Strathmore) watercolor paper using my black and white laser printer. I even put miskit on the bird and on a few pine needles. The miskit lifts some of the printer’s ink …. But I rather like how it softened the pen and ink lines. You can always go back and touch up an ink line that gets too weak. ….. then paint.


kslaughter said...

This is beautiful, Elva! I love the softness and the lovely line work. Who knew you were a techie?! Thanks for sharing your process ; )~~

Teri C said...

What a beautiful painting Elva! It looks it is ready to fly away.

Interesting process.

Kelly said...

Elva! This guy is beautiful. That you were able to get a photo of him is wonderful. They move around so fast it's almost impossible. I've been able to photograph Golden-crowned Kinglets with their crests showing because they are numerous here in the winter, but Rubies are much more rare. I've only been able to photograph one once, and his ruby crest was not flared. I LOVE this painting.

Krista Meister said...

I laughed at your comment that you liked how it turned out and then realized it was in your crappy journal. I feel that way all the time! So I was really glad to hear your solution for transferring the image to watercolor paper.

And may I say, it is a fine bird, indeed!

Laure Ferlita said...

Thanks for sharing your process! Very intrigued and I really like the look you've created with this!

Again I have to say "Life is too short to paint on crappy paper or to use crappy brushes or crappy paint!"

You're way too good to be using crappy!!