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Friday, February 26, 2010

#012 Yellowstone Dogs – no. 40 Wolf

Our daughter, Lita Judge, is a children’s book illustrator and writer. Cheering elephants, hatching dinosaurs, dancing sage grouse, and more flow from her brush and pencil. She actually orders pencils by the gross. When I explained my goal to sketch at least 100 wolves, coyotes and foxes in about 10 weeks, Lita suggested I try some in pencil and with a technique I haven’t used. When she finds the form of an animal, she holds the pencil quite differently. My best description of the technique is to hold the pencil as if I have a dainty Chihuahua on a leash, a leash that doesn’t have a loop for a handle, but rather just a little ball on my end. This position means I am holding my knuckles down and thumb up; and I hold the pencil fairly far back. It encourages me to draw loosely and find the line.

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Teri C said...

Great eyes on this wolf Elva.

What an interesting technique. I think you need to sketch out the position so I can clarify in my mind what I think you are saying.

How fun to have such a talented daughter!!!

kslaughter said...

Very cool, Elva. It's so neat to have a passion you share with your kids, isn't it?

Laure Ferlita said...

Very natural pose and gesture. Your new pencil position seems to be working well for you.