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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Painting #17 and 18 - Angel Trumpet

Two years ago we went to Maui and discovered Angel Trumpet Blooms with their wonderful fragrance and huge size.  Perhaps because we are all from Wisconsin we were totally amazed at the size of these flowers, nothing grows that big there.
I used a photo reference of my grand smelling this huge bloom.
I thought I knew how to paint hair.
The peachy color of this flower was so difficult for me to get.
Since I wasn't thrilled with this painting I decided to try just a flower (below).

I have discovered when I am disappointed in a painting I need to do it again from a different viewpoint and that's what I did here.
Gosh, I even used that rigger again.  It's so great for those small areas.



kslaughter said...

Beautiful color in the flower, Teri! The green of those leaves makes me long for spring * sigh*. I applaud your attempt at hair in your first photo---at least I can tell what it is! I haven't even attempted a person in WC, but maybe I'll try ; ). Thanks for sharing~~

Claire M said...

Thanks for the reminder to not give up -- and maybe try something a little different. I think it is great that you first tried to do what the photo had captured, and I just love the second image that you went on to paint.

Kelly said...

Holy Moly, Teri! You're already up to painting #17 and #18....you're going to be able to double your goal! I've been AWOL due to numerous boring reasons, but hopefully I'm back. I can't wait to go through everyone's painting. Teri I love the color in this and the blurry background. I like the action of your granddaughter smelling the flower. It's very peaceful. The second painting is so pretty. I'm missing flowers a lot now...winter is growing tedious....your flowers make me think of summer.

Teri C said...

Thanks everyone. This makes me miss Hawai'i AND flowers.

Elva Paulson said...

Hi Teri, You capture the delicacy of flowers. Someday, when the flowers are out again, I'll have to try some. ... and I admire your trying the much more difficult one with your granddaughter. She does give the flower scale.

Laure Ferlita said...

Great job on executing a tough angle on the first image, Teri. I really like the hand to add depth into the picture frame.

Krista Meister said...

Oh, yay, I love these Teri! You could probably still finish up the hair by putting darker strands with a rigger, or just say NEXT and make notes for the next time. I think the hair looks great and can still be saved.

I also love your cool angles on these photos!