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Saturday, February 13, 2010

#007 Smiling Tiger

I have been unusually busy for the past several days. I no longer try to sell my art, but I do donate some. Here I was asked to design a logo for a wildlife veterinary clinic in India. We met a young vet when he came to Roseburg to train at Wildlife Safari, a large non-profit drive through animal park near here. Now Satya is back in India and working hard to see to it that there is some treatment available for wild animals. He wanted a logo of an injured tiger and for the tiger to be smiling … big challenge!

Dale and I are docents for Wildlife Safari. During the past several days I also drew thumbnails for Wildlife Safari of white-nosed coatis, waterbuck, white-cheeked gibbons, alligator, blue and gold macaw, bobcat, cougar, maned wolf, and Indian crested porcupine. I still need to do a cheetah and a walking stick! Give me a good eraser and good reference material and I’ll tackle most any animal. Since we do a lot of Wildlife Safari’s photography, I had all the reference material …. Except for the walking stick. I’ll get that Monday.


kslaughter said...

Wow, Elva, I love this piece! I'm sure the recipients were overjoyed ; ). What an interesting life you and Dale are leading~~

Teri C said...

Your tiger is just awesome! He has the perfect sweet look on his face. Gosh what an interesting life you lead to be able to incorporate your art into your docent work. Wowee! I hope you show some of your other art on your blog.

Kelly said...

...ahhh...this fellow is just adorable (if tiger's can be adorable!). I love his eyes and the tilt of his head, and he definitely feels like he's smiling and happy to be cared for. Love it!

Krista Meister said...

What a wonderful story behind this drawing. And I must say, I admire you for your ink work!

Laure Ferlita said...

Smiling Tiger....hmmm, sounds like a really scary book or movie title! But you're guy is cuddly cute and soft!

Thanks for sharing the background story with this - it makes it so much more than just a sketch.

This may have been your intent, but there seems to be a flatness here (that may be unintentional). Maybe some stronger values around his neck and back shoulder areas?