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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

#010 Yellowstone dogs – Coyotes

Sometimes I think coyotes are the hardest to draw. They have so many characteristics of both the fox and the wolf … sort of half way in-between. I’ll probably have the most opportunity to draw coyotes when we are in Yellowstone, and then wolves. Foxes are the hardest to find.

Both drawings are done with a Pelican fountain pen. I wish its point was finer, but I love how the ink flows … and I love the soft wash I get when I come back with a wet brush.

I can already see that drawing, drawing, drawing is paying off. I’m doing a mix of sometimes penciling first, and sometimes just going for it with the ink. Robert Bateman is the person who convinced me to just go for it with ink. Actually he likes ball point pen because you have some control over value. I like working with a variety of drawing tools.

Mama coyote doesn’t make nursing easy does she! This coyote had four pups, a hubby and at least one other ‘beta’ adult who brought food in and allowed itself to be mauled by the puppies. I spent a fantastic two hours watching this family. They were visible for several days and well attended by several photographers. I keep seeing photos from this den pop up in a variety of places. I pinch myself that I am one of the people who got to enjoy them. ….. and even more exciting is the thought that next time Dale can do the photographing and I’ll be free to sketch. This den was too far a hike in for him…. But not now.

This challenge is good for me! …. Thank you, again, to Laure!


Teri C said...

I have never seen coyote pups much less sketch them. What a fabulous experience Elva. Both of these are wonderful. I like the wash effect but I am in love with those pups!!

I frequently sketch with pen or ball-point, makes me less fussy.

kslaughter said...

Love these, Elva! Especially the sweet Mama and baby~~

Laure Ferlita said...

Love the wash on the top "dog," Elva. I also like the variation of pen strokes. He has a lot of character.

The bottom sketch is just too cute. Can't imagine how fantastic that would have been to see with my own eyes!