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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kelly - Painting #14 - Brown Pelicans Resting by the Bay

Painting #14, Brown Pelicans Resting by the Bay

Painting #14 is from an online class I'm taking by Laure Ferlita called "An Imaginary Trip to the Beach." Laure's Imaginary Trips are designed to help you learn how to sketch on site and create illustrated journals. What a nice break today's assignment was. It snowed all day and is still snowing. While inch after inch of snow piled up outside, in my studio I was at the beach. I love this class. Brown Pelicans are among my favorite water birds, so I was happy they were part of today's assignment.


kslaughter said...

Beautiful Kelly! I love the expression on the bird in front---wonderful shadows on him. I really like your brushwork in the background, too~~

Teri C said...

Beautiful painting Kelly. The shadows and rocs arae great. Pelicans are so fun to watch!

I have to say your printing is to die for! So beautiful. My printing is almost as bad as my writing-can't read either one. lol

Elva Paulson said...

Ahhhh .... to lean back and paint pelicans by the seaside. It looks as though you are really there. Nice.