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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chickadee on Yupo #20

When I posted yesterday (#19 On the Beach) I thought I had dismissed Yupo paper. Silly me! I got to doodling on a scrap last night and immediatly realized it does offer some exciting results. You just have to factor in that the paper is boss and you'd better understand it's qualities.

Drawing with pencil on it it rather like skating on smooth new ice. I'm used to a little 'tooth' and so it is easy for the line to get away from me. What really excited me is the range of values I can easily get with an ordinary pencil. I was sketching with with a mechanical pencil filled with 2B lead. The blacks are so rich! and even more amazing, I can put that much black on and still erase easily. Down at the bottom of the Chickadee drawing I put a scrap of Yupo and showed how easily it erases. The scribbles on both sides of the ball have a portion in their middle erased clean with a soft, white eraser. Then I lifted a highlight out of the ball with the same eraser.

I'm itching to do a totally different idea on Yupo. More to come.....


Lorrie Klosterman said...

It's exciting to learn about this material through you, Elva. Keep us posted! Darling chickadee by the way :)

Kelly said...

...interesting, Elva. I've never heard about this kind of paper. I love to draw, so it sounds like I need to get some for my sketching! His little black cap really is dark! Thanks for the heads up on the paper (plus Chiggy is as cute as can be!).

Claire M said...

Good to know that you gave it a second chance - great results!