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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kristin 63 and 64. Winter Evenings

Both of these are from the evening, though they came out more similar than they should have, maybe because I worked on them close together and the paint was still on my palette from one when I started the other. They are just some more simple quick sketches from memory from January evenings. I am loving looking at and trying to remember the winter light, which is so unique. 
 This second one is from later in the night, or at least it was a lot darker because we had just had a big storm that was slowly clearing. The lights from the ski resort made the snow a reddish color, which was completely different from the pink of the sky above, but ended up looking more like early evening. Oh well. 


Claire M said...

Very nice on both of them. It is hard for me to think about painting snow. I really like how you have captured it.

Kelly said...

...you've really captured the reflected glow of the moon on the snow. I love the quiet and blue/purple cast of early evening in the snow. I feel that when I look at these paintings.

Elva Paulson said...

Beautiful colors in both of these. Snow scenes can look dreary, or full of life. These have wonderful life.