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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kristin 61 and 62. Some Alaskan Animals

For a change of pace from my quick little sketches from the world around me, I am posting some more finished illustrations that I have been working on for a project. They are at the stage of being 90% finished, but I like to post them now because it helps me to think about what I need to do to finish them.  Your thoughts and feedback are encouraged!

 Razor Clams 8x8" gouache on paper
(c) 2012 klink
Loon Family 14 x 11" gouache on paper
(c) 2012 klink


Elva Paulson said...

I particularily like the clambs ... just a tad more contrast and they'll be fabulous. Right now I think they look a little pastel.

I like how you've distance the far loon. On the near loon I wonder if there should be white spots on the cheek. If you are trying for water droplets I don't think they work. I'd go dark.

Kristin said...

Thanks Elva! I appreciate the feedback. With the loon, I had some pictures where it had some white spots on its chin, and in doing some quick photo research it seems some do, but more don't. I don't think I've ever gotten to see a common loon that close to know. However it probably makes sense to go darker for simplicity. Thanks!

Kelly said...

...I love the loons...maybe up the contrast a little and go a bit darker. Those babies are adorable!!