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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Liz Cutler 84's origins and 85, 86, and 87

Three paintings and a photo This was a quick painting 12x12, from a photo ... a 22 year old photo as my daughter is now 22. There was a nice warm light on her face in contrast to the coolness of the rest of the photo.

I broke out my CaranDache water soluable pastels and sketched Jeff as he was driving. These work as a bridge between draing and painting for me, though I wish for thicker darker ones for blocking in large spaces.

12x12 oil on gessoed board. Another self portrail with a limited palette aliziron, blues and indian yellow, there is color distortion in the photo as there just is not an orange cheek on my painting. Still need to work on the structure of an eye, paint got too juicy and muddy and it is so hard to paint my eye as I am observing it.

Idecided to post this photo so you could see where my 'graphite painting"self portrait in my last post, came from. This mask was part of a 4-H demonstration of Edtih Platt's spirit mask making process. (I felt like I got a facial during the process).

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Kelly said...

...I always love all the color and action in your portraits. You're really moving along on your count. You're going to finish soon!!