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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Claire painting 3: Santa after the holidays

Hope you'll all excuse one last holiday related painting here... but for some reason I just wanted to paint this little Santa and then silly words started covering the page...

P.S. My real interest right now in painting is journal pages and specifically the mix of image and text. So this page was a chance to practice putting down a bunch of text with my Santa. I'm trying to get more relaxed and freer with my text, but it will take more time and practice. One bright spot for me was that I didn't put down any lines for the text on this page.


Kelly said...

...he's adorable, Claire...and your text is wonderful! Your handwriting is so perfect.

Elva Paulson said...

Santa Claus is always welcome!

Your combination of text and painting is beautifully done. You have such a good handwriting for laying out attractive journal pages.

Claire M said...

Thanks for the feedback. It certainly encourages me to do more in 2012.