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Friday, January 20, 2012

Geneva Water Tank on Yupo #21

For years this little building stood and a reminder of a failed community. Early settlers tried to settle just east of the Cascade Mountains, on the western edge of Oregon's high desert. This building is where they stored their water during the dry season. Inside is a huge cement tank. The rock exterior added extra coolness.

I drew it with Noodlers brown ink on Yupo -- that strange synthetic paper I used in my last two posts. I had visions of a lovely antique feel. thought I could improve upon my drawing.
I let the ink dry throughly (a couple of days) and then washed it off. I really thought more ink would stay on the Yupo. This was way too faded. Back to work:
I added more ink .. which stood out like a sore thumb. I didn't scan that state. Once this ink had dried I used my waterbrush to spread it around where I wanted it. The dark spots on the drawing a little bits of undisturbed ink.

I like my little cabin best in the first version. I've decided I don't like the Yupo for ink washes. Just ink lines are a problem too because the ink is so slow to dry. Also the paper is so smooth I don't feel I have the ability to lay down a thin line with a light touch.

I do have one more idea to try on Yupo, so there is still more to come on this saga.

P.S. (ADDED LATER): Thanks to a heads up from a good friend I have some concerns about the archival qualities of this paper. In my next post I will address these issues.


Andrew said...

So lovely to see..

cindyzlogic said...

I really like your result and the sketch!!

Kelly said...

...interesting study, Elva. You're going to have all it's problems solved for us before long! I love your sketch, and to me, the final version very much has an antique feel.

Lorrie Klosterman said...

Yes, Elva, I like the first one also. Thanks for the history of this captivatingly dilapidated place, too. I lived in Oregon for many years in my teen and young adult life. I look forward to the continuing saga of Yupo. I had to chuckle at this phrase: "Noodlers brown ink on Yupo" ... now why does that make me hungry??!?