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Friday, January 27, 2012

Kristin, 65 and 66: Illustrating what we can't photograph

Sometimes I feel like I am cheating when I post stuff that I am doing for work on the challenge, but the sad truth is that I probably wouldn't achieve 100 paintings if I didn't. It also allows for me to post a greater variety of work. So these illustrations are for a project, but the cool thing about them is they are both of subjects that don't exist in modern times, so took the imagination of the artist to bring them to life.

Hadrosaurs, 14 x11" gouache and watercolor
(c) klink, 2011
Katmai artifacts: Basket, oil lamp, spear head, and harpoon
11 x 8.5" gouache and watercolor
(c) klink, 2011


Kelly said...

I'm glad you included these. I love the dinosaurs. You must really know your dinosaur stuff to be able to pull a scene like that together. I love the postures!! Great action...

Elva Paulson said...

I think it is very appropriate to post these .... after all, we are encouraged to post a variety of art. It is always interesting to see the breath of what an artist does.

I'm impressed by both! Love the form on the woven basket ... and the dinosaurs are wonderful.