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Friday, January 6, 2012

Hay in the Barn #14

I still can't get used to the huge bales of hay that are made today. It takes a forklift to move them.

A couple of months ago I did a quick sketch of the little barn tucked just over the rise. I liked the composition with the big Douglas fir and figured it was a good idea for a challenge painting. Painted on Pentalic's Westport 140# Smooth surface.

Here is the quick sketch I did at that time.


Kelly said...

...so pretty! I love barns...with the pine beside it it's so picturesque. What kind of pen do you use for your sketches....just any pen or a special type/size, etc.

Elva Paulson said...

For several months I've been doing most of my ink sketching with one of two fountain pens. This one has my fine point and is filled with Platinum Carbon ink -- one of the few inks that are waterproof and work in a fountain pen.

My other pen has a flexible point and I usually keep it filled with water soluble ink. My squirrels in my next blog post are done with the water soluble ink and a waterbrush.

Claire M said...

I am really drawn to this painting - I just love the scene. Very nice how you captured the hay in the barn. I also really like the different way you've used the greens for the trees, and the tree in the front has a nice 'lightness' to the upperside of its branches. ... and of course you managed to capture the shadow under the tree in the foreground. Nicely done!