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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Barn Swallows #36 and #37

I'm posting these two swallow paintings together because of their connection. I drew/painted the first from a photo I had just taken. I wasn't lucky enough to capture both the swallow and the feather, only the swallow; but I did see it chasing the feather. ... Micron pen and watercolor.

Afterwards I thought to myself... how about trying something more daring. Draw from my head, not my photo. So I did the second. I think the second may have a little more action, but the anatomy isn't quite right.

I do think it is good to jump out of our comfort zone once in awhile. I know I should give it a try more often.


Teri C said...

I love them both but the way the second is looking at me is so neat, such an interesting composition. He/she is really after that feather.
Funny how comfortable that comfort zone is. And if feels even better to break out of it.

Brinda said...

I keep telling myself that I need to do the same...hopefully will have the courage soon! I really like your second painting...the action is so real!