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Saturday, June 12, 2010

No 1. The Lady from Wan (in the Himalayas)

My name is Brinda and this is my first post! I live in Kolkata in India (the same city where Mother Teresa worked!!). I have 4 grown daughters and have just become a grandmother! I have always been really interested in the 'Arts' so to speak, even as a child, have always done a lot of sewing, crochet and bits and pieces of painting. Then life took over and the sewing etc remained, but the painting got left behind. Last year a friend and I got together and started a once a week painting class guided by another artist friend. I have been fascinated by watercolours, so this was like the realization of a dream! So I am new to this art, but very keen to learn and do well.
I have joined this challenge, primarily because I think it will discipline me to paint regularly, and ofcourse meet other artists and learn and learn and hopefully also share!
I loved painting this picture. Its an old lady in her stone house in a village called Wan up in the Himalayas! We were on a trek on our way to Roopkund (15000 ft high) in the Himalayas, exhausted, as it was the first day of the trek, and she called us in to rest. The picture she made was so perfect and the colours seemed to complement each other. I loved the old wooden carved door posts....one hardly sees them now.
I have posted this as my first picture, because the trek was my first and a HUGE challenge, and making sure I paint regularly in spite of a busy work schedule is going to be another ....so it seems appropriate to post it as my first picture!


Teri C said...

Welcome Brinda! This painting is just wonderful! I love the deep colors.
I know you will enjoy and learn from this experience.

Elva Paulson said...

This is a very captivating painting. I look forward to seeing more of your world .... I just peeked at your blog and enjoyed my journey there.

Welcome to our group!

Laure Ferlita said...

Nicely done, Brinda! Welcome. I love the use of the red you've used to move the eye around the painting!