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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Black Bear's Dinner # 39

Another of my Yellowstone sketches. The bear is feeding on a winter-killed elk carcass. I had my spotting scope mounted on my car window (it was cold outside), and I was scrunched into the back seat of our little RAV (so Dale could still photograph from the front seat). The bear stayed for days so I'd had quite a bit of practice drawing him before I tackled this.

Pelican pen and watercolor.

For more about the experience, plese visit my blog.


Teri C said...

This awesome Elva (as all your paintings are), I can almost hear this bear crunching. Just wonderfully done. The composition is so perfect you didn't even have to say a word cuz we can read it so well!

Laure Ferlita said...

I'm still intrigued by this painting. Perhaps it's the touches of red, but it speaks of true Nature.

Elva Paulson said...

Thank you both. I think this may be my favorite sketch from my trip ... partly because it was done on location and brings back all those memories, and partly because I like how it turned out.

Kelly said...

...very cool. I love your penwork. What a sight to see!!!