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Saturday, March 27, 2010


Another sweet robin ; ). I'm trying my hand at acrylics--not real sure what I'm doing, but having a great time! This one was a birthday gift to my lovely mom. As a novice painter, I am looking for the medium and style that I would like to work in and towards. When I see a painting that I love, I like to borrow the composition; in the spirit of copying the masters. In this case, I found the inspiration for this painting from this wonderful artist. I wrote to ask permission to post this and she graciously agreed to let me. I am especially inspired by her use of color.


Teri C said...

He is wonderful and so bright, a great harbinger of spring!! I like the background also, very complimentary.

Kelly said...

...I like this painting too. I love the background. The colors a just beautiful, but I really love the style.

Claire M said...

What a cute bird! That is a great idea to try to study what others have painted. I like what you've done.

Elva Paulson said...

Your robin is great. The painting captures their funny, walk-about posture and perkiness.