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Monday, March 1, 2010

Painting #31 Cactus - Plein Air

I sat in the back and painted my neighbor's night-blooming cereus cactus (not currently blooming).  I especially paid attention to the differences between a photo and the real thing and it is amazing.  I want to do more plein air now.
I chose to do a minimalist look because it does stand alone like this.


kslaughter said...

Teri, I think this is my favorite of your cacti. It has quite a modern feel to it. I love the composition and shading, and the shadow is perfect--well done!

Claire M said...

Interesting.... I totally recognize the plant from your painting. You did a great job of capturing it.

It is not often that I run across this cactus. I remember that Vicky Williamson did a painting of one last year. I have several plants growing in my backyard in California. They are offspring from one my grandmother had in Santa Cruz. You might find it interesting to look at my journal page from last year about my plants:


Elva Paulson said...

Good work. The angle of the cactus gives it character. I love plein air painting.

cindyzlogic said...

Wow! I love your depiction of the cactus! and really like the background painting...nice reflection!

Laure Ferlita said...

I have to agree with Kathy, I think this is one of your best cacti. Love the mingling of colors in the background with no hard transition.

As to plein aire, it's totally addictive! Watch out!

Teri C said...

Thanks everyone. Yes, plein air sure is addicting!! I keep looking for times to go out again and have my paints all ready to go. Now if the time would only happen too.