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Sunday, March 14, 2010

#017 Yellowstone Dogs -- No. 56 Wolf

I’ve been stuck on wolves for a few days. I have to admit I’m really hoping to have the opportunity to draw some from life again. I know I’ll be torn between drawing and taking photos when I finally have a wolf in my sights. Often I can draw with my spotting scope when the wolves are too far away for good photos. …. And if I have some of that anatomy stored in my head, the chances of a good drawing are vastly improved.

This wolf is looking at a raven. There was a wolf-killed elk nearby and he is thinking about chasing the raven away. The ravens keep testing the wolves until the wolves have eaten their fill and are too lazy to keep chasing ravens.


kslaughter said...

He looks really mean! Great job capturing the tension in his stance--especially the back end of his body and the lowered head & tail---super!

Teri C said...

Great posture and facial expression. Definitely wolfish!

Don't get too close to that guy!

Laure Ferlita said...

Excellent capture of the predator posture. Even at ease, he "reads" wolf.

Kelly said...

...beautiful. I totally can feel the tension in his posture.