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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Painting #33 Coffee Lady

I painted this 'coffee lady' from another photo that my daughter took in the Dominican Republic (same place that the red ginger flower came from).  The lady was explaining the making of coffee and looked interesting so I decided to paint her.    
It was a lot of painting, waiting for that part to dry, then painting, then drying, and I finally finished this long process.  In fact I painted two other sketches in between.  I get so impatient when it doesn't dry fast enough.  Painting something else really helped (as Laure suggested).


kslaughter said...

She's a cutie, Teri! Love the shadows and how you've captured her...ahem....girth, shall we say ; ). Super!

Kelly said...

I love how you tackle so many different subjects. The colors are gorgeous. I really like the feel of this painting.

Laure Ferlita said...

I am always enchanted by the little details you capture, Teri, the strips on the jacket, her shoes, and hat! Well done!