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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Four to Go: Robin's Nest and Falling Leaves #4

Once again I have a thumbnail which inspired the painting plus the painting. I like the thumbnail better – but I must admit I was doing both under less that ideal circumstances. Sunday night I took my husband to the emergency room. Poor guy ended up having emergency surgery for a hernia on Monday. I just couldn’t bring myself to sketch hospital beds or bags of saline solution and I’m too shy to paint people who might notice. But his window looked down into a closed courtyard with three stories of building all round. The courtyard had half a dozen trees and in it I was surprised to see last summer’s robin’s nest. Painting was a good way to distract myself.

I did the little sketch first, on Strathmore’s high surface 2 ply – a lovely smooth paper for pen and ink but not one on which I usually add color. Still, I like how the paper took the color -- nice and fresh.
Since I liked how the first turned out I decided to paint a ‘better’ one for the challenge. This is painted on Strathmore’s Aquarius II 90# synthetic watercolor paper. The paper was fine, but the artist wasn’t in high gear. I actually like my first sketch better.

My hubby has been one sick puppy, but he is home again and slowly perking up.


Kelly said...

...I really like both paintings for different reasons. I love the pen work in the first. It's crisp and beautiful. I love the softness of the second. It's more reflective, maybe picking up your sadness at being at the hospital with your husband? Sending good wishes to your hubby for a speedy recovery...

Lorrie Klosterman said...

I agree with Kelly about how each version has its appeal. I've also done sketches on site and then done a "better" (or what I call a "more serious") version later, and felt I took some of the magic out of the scene by trying to get everything "right" (whatever that is!). I look back at the sketch and try to figure out precisely what it is that I prefer about it, and sometimes (if I'm not bored with the subject by that time) try again to do a serious version that has some of the elements I liked better.

Elva Paulson said...

Hi Kelly ... my hubby is devinitly doing better (:-)and soon will be fussing because he can't pick up his camera for at least another week.
Hi Lorrie ... You made a very good point. I just might study both and try a third.