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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Kristin #54 & 55, flowers on duralene

I have been playing drawing with colored pencils on duralene, which is just drafting film. It is pretty fun because you can work both sides (I painted the back of the white one) and get a lot of value and hue quickly (which is hard for me to do). So here are some quick flower sketches and experiments. I was working from my photos.

 Iris, Colored Pencil on Duralene
(c) 2011, klink. 5x10"

Dryas aka Mountain Avens, Colored Pencil on Duralene
(c) 2011, klink. 5x8"


Elva Paulson said...

I especially like the iris. Be sure and click on the image, everyone .... the larger size brings out the beauty.

MEliz said...

I am so glad I clickedon to enlarge it, the colors are clear,distinct and truly beautiful.

Lorrie Klosterman said...

You bring such interesting ideas to your art like this two-sided material! Looking forward to seeing more of how you play with this for your always-lovely nature studies.

Kelly said...

Interesting! I've never heard of Duralene. How fun to draw on the front and back! Intriguing...