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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Last Apple #3

I wanted to put some juicy paint on Strathmore's 400 series 140# cold press watercolor paper. I drew and inked the apple first,then covered that part with miskit. Then I added the dark wash background. The miskit peeled off easily. I like the modulation in tone that I was able to achieve. Finally I painted the apple etc.

My original My sketch is much smaller than my final product.
and here is the sketch that triggered the painting ... inked without pencil on location ... then color added at home. Dale photographed the apple for me and I looked at my laptop while I added color.


Lorrie Klosterman said...

A lovely combination of loose and detail. That lichen on the branch is so cute! And I love the curl of your leaves and the natural grace of the composition.

Kelly said...

...I love it! I didn't know you could put miskit over paint. I've always put it on blank paper and painted the background...then went back to the foreground. Nice to know it doesn't harm painted areas. I like how you put the border around it, allowing the leaf to protrude.

Elva Paulson said...

Hi Kelly .. Just to be clear: I didn't put miskit over paint, only over ink lines. I inked, I misketed the apples and leaves, I did the juicy backbround wash, removed the miskit, and then painted the apple and leaves. I think miskit will pick up paint. It leaves ink alone.

If I happen to use my laser printer to transfer a drawing to better paper, then miskit will lift just some of the printer's ink. That can be a nice effect.