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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Three to Fall #13

On Dec 7 I posted "Four to Go" along with a little sketch that triggered the painting. I liked the sketch better than the painting. Lorrie had some good advice for me ... look at both and figure out what I like better in the sketch.

Here is my redo. On "Four to Go" I felt like the nest stood out like a soar thumb. It just pops out -- empty. This time I wove it into the painting both with the twigs in front and I warmed up the nest so it blended into the painted.

I like this better than "Four to Go."

Painted on Pentalic's Westport 140# smooth surface watercolor paper. I don't think the paper is making any difference ... just the person pushing the paintbrush. Please feel free to critique.


Kelly said...

...I like the other one too, but I love this version. It has such a feel of winter...

Claire M said...

I like this version better too. It seems more dimensional with the nest repositioned, and your leaves seem to have more character too -- curves and also a sense of some of them falling.

Kristin said...

I like the way you played with the composition with this one. It gets to the point and is more intimate. I really like the little branch in front of the nest because it feels like I am looking through a window to the empty nest.