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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

#13 Kristin, bog flowers sketch

I went away for two weeks and so much change in my little world here! Now there are flowers and everything is green. Here is another sketch book page of findings. I included a little diagram of a map of my walk. For me it is important for my artwork to tell stories about natural history, and diagramatic drawing is a cool way to do this.


Mermaid's Palette said...

Nice page, Kristin- I really like the notes and the diagram of your walk!

MEliz said...

There is a sense of timelessness and quiet to your journaling that amkes me want linger. I like seeing what's going on on your side of the continent.

Laure Ferlita said...

I love your journal page, Kristin! This reminds me of Hannah Hinchman's work. This will be invaluable to you in years to come.

KAT said...

love your little map...reminds me of winnie the pooh so sweet

Kelly said...

...beautiful, Kristin! I love these glimpses of the natural world around you... The map is fun too...and something you will appreciate in the future.