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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

#34 Garden Time- Sheryl Hawkins

Can you tell I am so ready for Spring?  I want to get out in the garden and do the Spring clean up so I can kick off gardening season!  I painted this from a photo in my vegetable garden area taken last summer.  I love to use my sons' old toy tractors in the garden for fun.  They had quite a collection of these Ford tractors (just like their Grandpa's real one).  This watercolor is painted on Arches cold press paper (9X12").


Kelly said...

How fun Sheryl! I would never have thought about setting up Matty's trucks in the garden. I miss those days of building roads and digging in the dirt with him. Ack...just a bit teary thinking of it...now we're starting to scout out colleges! Time waits for no one. Love the painting...a perfect way to remember those days.

Elva Paulson said...

What fun! At first the size confused me, but after reading your comments, it makes perfect sense. What a nice memory.

Claire M said...

What a great idea to use toy vehicles in the background. Pretty creative. Sure makes for a fun composition. Yes... I'm ready for spring and warmer days!