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Friday, March 4, 2011

#35, #36 Doll Dresses - Sheryl Hawkins

My mom makes and sells doll dresses, and I painted a few of them for her to use on business cards, signs, etc.  They were so fun to paint because I wasn't worried about painting a masterpiece, just something to illustrate her work.  I am also painting some fun little beach designs to use in my soldered charms and will post them next. These quick and easy watercolors are just good practice and a good way to warm up for more intense paintings.


Elva Paulson said...

What charming little excercises! They look happy and fresh.

Kelly said...

Sheryl...cute! Love how you were able to render the plaid. I see you also worked in the reflections on the hangers! My aunt makes wooden dolls and clothes for them...it's always fun to see what she creates.

Claire M said...

These are simply adorable - they really appeal to me. I think they would make darling note cards too.