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Monday, March 28, 2011

Petite Petit Wine Bottle #44- Sheryl Hawkins

When I saw this wine label, I knew I wanted to paint it!  So full of tiny details and very colorful.  Of course, once I started to paint- I thought many times that I had gotten into something I wished I had not started.  There were many little details I didn't notice until I had started, and several I just left off since they were too small to try to paint!  Besides the amount of detail, the toughest part was getting the bottle dark enough.  I am glad I did this painting and I enjoyed adding the outlining with my rapidograph, so I did learn some new things.  The wine in the bottle was very good also, so all in all, a good project!

watercolor with ink on 140 lb cold press (rough surface)


dora said...

Amazing detail Sheryl!

Meowlissa said...

Absolutely amazing tiny details here. What a great piece :)

Kelly said...

...really cool, Sheryl. I enlarged it to see the details...fun!

Claire M said...

This is absolutely amazing -- I love all the details including the lights bouncing off of the glass of the bottle.

Cheri said...

My favorite pass time. Really nice love the cork